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5 Simple Ways To Remove Your House Waste For Healthy Living

Today, our planet is in the midst of a trash catastrophe, with plastic is strewn around everywhere. And it is our personal obligation to do something about it. It’s a fight against a system that doesn’t seem to care about the garbage we create or the damage we have on the environment. If we try to minimise in ways that make sense for our way of life. If we all did that, we’d be able to make a significant contribution to lowering our overall waste. Thus, we’ve listed down 5 simple ways in which you can reduce and remove your house waste for healthy living altogether.

1. Do Away With Plastic

Do Away with Plastics

Paper cups and old ink pens should be used instead of plastic cups and pens. Instead of using plastic straws, sip your beverages. Plastic bags are also bad for the environment. So, on your next shopping trip, choose a mesh bag with a drawstring or a cloth bag instead of a plastic bag. Denim bags are an excellent method to recycle old or worn-out denim.

2. Segregate Waste

Segregate Waste

Make the following distinctions amongst the bins: green for organic, yellow for glass, white for paper, grey for metal, red for danger, and blue for plastic. Divide garbage into two groups: biodegradable and non-biodegradable. Place wet wastes such as leftover meals, vegetables, peels, and other wet wastes in an organic dustbin that may be composted later. Segregation of trash can help to alleviate the rubbish burden on already overburdened landfills, lowering pollution levels.

3. Adopt Composting

Adopt Composting

Composting can help you save 30% on your home garbage. Composting is also good for plant growth since it provides plants with many vital nutrients and may be utilised as fertiliser. If a family of four uses segregation and composting, they may easily decrease their trash from 1000 kg to less than 100 kg per year.

4. Go Paperless

Go Paperless

Papers make up about a third of all garbage disposed of in landfills. Everything in the garbage bin, from paper cups to napkins, ends up in landfills. Start using old garments as rags for regular cleaning around the house instead of paper towels to decrease paper waste.

5. Adopt Three R’s

Adopt 3Rs

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle is a simple approach to contribute and make a little impact in rubbish removal. Repurposing domestic garbage is a great method to cut down on waste.

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