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Regular Cleaning Vs. Deep Cleaning

Is Regular Cleaning Better or Deep Cleaning? Confused? Get to Know its Importance

The basic meaning of cleaning or cleanliness is to remove dirt, dust and bad odour. It is very important and necessary to maintain a clean house. The main objective of cleanliness is to maintain good health, beauty, removing the bad smell and to stop spreading diseases that can infect someone else. 

It also helps us to maintain our physical and mental health. A clean environment brings good vibes and positivity. Furthermore, it is very essential in order to maintain a healthy life because it helps to improve the personality. 

Cleaning the house is the responsibility of every house owner. And, now with the major turn of events, owing to COVID-19, everyone should keep themselves and their surroundings contamination-free. It slows down the event of disease and brings positive thoughts. 

Some habits that one must follow in their daily life are:

  • Wash your hands often. Like before eating or even after touching anything.
  • Make a habit of making your bed and cleaning your room.
  • You need to cover your mouth while sneezing.
  • Vacuuming your rooms is very important.
  • If you have any pet then you must brush the fur. 
  • Make sure you cover your foods, after cooking, and clean the kitchen area. 

Major Difference between Regular and Deep Cleaning

Now, to ease your daily life several service providers have come up with promising cleaning services. You must be thinking should you go with regular cleaning or deep cleaning. Let’s clear the facts.

The basic difference between regular cleaning and deep cleaning are given below and the tasks that fall under this are also mentioned. Thus, it will help you to schedule the task accordingly.

Regular Cleaning

If you want to define regular cleaning you can simply say that it is a job that you need to do on a regular basis. It is also sometimes known as domestic cleaning. You do regular cleaning on a daily basis or on a weekly basis. 

Regular cleaning is very important to maintain your house. If you don’t have that much time due to a busy schedule then you can hire cleaning services. It not only maintains a good level of cleanliness but also gives you positivity and a good vibe. It brings you a certain kind of motivation to do things. The tasks that are covered in regular cleaning are given below.

regular cleaning

1. Mopping and Vacuuming Floors

Vacuuming or mopping is very important to keep your house sanitized. There is a lot of germ and dirt on the floor, some you can’t even see with naked eyes. Your floors are always encountered with dirty shoes, pet hair and a lot more things. The germ accumulates and adds up quickly, especially in hot weather or flu season. 

If you have a pet, then by mopping you can clean the fur or dust. It will help to reduce allergies. Next time, you don’t have to go to the doctor because of the watery eyes, runny nose, as your house is already free from allergies. You can also use a cleaner to mop the floor, it will help you to give a scratch-free floor. Lastly, it will make your floor look at its best. 

2. Bathroom Cleaning

Cleaning the bathroom is an important task, you should do on a regular basis. Bathrooms get easily accumulated by dirt and grime, so it is one of the most difficult areas to clean. Germs generally grow in warm and damp areas, hence you need to maintain the hygienic, too. After all, you don’t want germs spreading through your house. 

3. Kitchen Cleaning

To make sure that your kitchen is germ-free, dirt-free and grime-free you need to clean your kitchen appliances on a regular basis. Unclean kitchens are prone to rodent infestation, and they can also act as a carrier of different viruses. 

A clean kitchen will help to improve the health of all the family members. Not only that but if you maintain all the kitchen appliances, it will last longer than any unclear kitchen appliances. 

4. Cleaning the House 

A clean and neat house is always very welcoming. You will also be prepared for uninvited guests. Cleaning and organizing stuff should be done as a ritual. It’s a part of your daily routine. 

The uncleared and unorganized house will evade a sense of discomfort. So, above are the few points that you should follow on a regular basis to maintain a good quality of cleanliness. You can hire maid services Dubai for help, or if you are good enough then you can handle it by yourself. The most important thing is that you will find mental peace. 

Deep Cleaning 

Deep cleaning is mainly done after every 6 months or after 1 year. You need to hire experts from renowned cleaning services. If you compare regular cleaning or deep cleaning, then deep cleaning is more expensive. 

But, deep cleaning is very much helpful because it removes the deep dirt and soot from your house. It will cover those areas that are not covered mostly on regular cleaning. The tasks that are covered in deep cleaning are given below:

1. Under the Sink

The kitchen sink is the place where you wash all your dishes, clear up the messes etc. But, you should know that cleaning your kitchen sink is utterly necessary, as least once in a week. It is the main place where all the germs spread all over the place. It becomes much easier for the bacteria to get in your hands and in the food. 

Hence, it is very important to clean your kitchen sink since you use it each and every day. Now, the question comes how? The things you need are scrub brush, baking soda, vinegar, dish soap and microfiber cloth. Use the scrub brush and rub it properly. 

2. Behind the Kitchen Appliances

Regular kitchen cleaning is very important because you use it each and every day, but there are some parts which you should not overlook the refrigerator, coffee maker etc. Over here you need deep cleaning. You should clean these appliances at least once a week. For example, a refrigerator is one of the essential appliances. 

You store food over here, so it is very important that you stop the natural growth of mold. For the exterior part, you need to mop the debris accumulated. You have to remove the shelves and scrub the interior part with the help of warm water and soap. 

Similarly, the coffee maker is also one such appliance that you use daily. Hence, discharge all the leftovers and raise your coffee maker. It will stop the growth of mold. 

3. Inside the Oven

It is one of the difficult tasks. Due to the food split inside the oven, the filters and the mechanisms get blocked. It will not allow the oven to work properly. Hence, you need to clean it once every 4 days. Be very careful, when you are cleaning the oven. 

deep cleaning

4. Clean all Blinds and Window Frame

You really can’t wash the blinds or the window every day or on a regular basis. You can make it easy by fixing one day on which you can clean all the window frames and the blinds. Blinds are framed in front of the window. Sometimes, it gets dirty due to accumulation of dust. So, you need to clean it, before it turns into a breeding ground for germs. 

5. Cleaning the Door and Glasses

Sometimes, we forget about the doors and glass panels, but they are also important and need to be cleaned. These involve high traffic and primarily germs spread easily in the entire house, with a mere touch. So, you can damp cloth and clean the dust and the moulds from your door. 

6. Removing Cobwebs and Stains from all the Tiles 

The best way to remove cobwebs from the corners is by vacuuming or dusting. You can use a broom or cloth to dust the cobwebs and stop your house from looking old and dingy. To remove stains from floors you can use baking soda, scrubber and warm water. Rub it thoroughly to remove the stain from the floor. 

Hence, the above are some important tasks that fall under deep cleaning, that you need to follow. You have to hire a professional or maid services Dubai. 


All about cleanliness is stated here. It will be very beneficial for you and your family. The difference between regular and deep cleaning services now crystal clear and you can easily categorize the tasks that fall under deep and regular cleaning. So, now the choice is yours. Based on your necessities and condition of the house, choose either of the cleaning types.

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