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How To Control Pests During Winter In London?

In the summer, insects will mostly be outdoors, while in the winter, they tend to be more in the house. Pests are likely to get in your home during winter to shield themselves from freezing and cold. Due to the shortage of food supply, they will also look for all ways in your house. Pests are dangerous and may cause disease or damage your home or assets. So, how do you control these pests during winter?

1. Kitchen area

Pests thrive in moist areas and where they can find food droppings. Therefore they will mainly be found in the kitchen. Cockroaches are common pests in the kitchen. Here is how to control them:

  • Dispose of your kitchen waste daily.
  • Keep your kitchen cabinets, sink, and floors clean and dry.
  • Throw away any clutter in your kitchen to minimize hiding space for these creatures.
  • Do not store firewood in your kitchen area.
  • Keep your kitchen trash covered.

2. Car park

Pests such as rats, mice, bugs, and mice find their way into the house through the car park. Rats and mice can gnaw and bite your car tires or any other valuables stored in the car park. How to control them:

– Ensure you have your car park closed when not in use, to avoid these pests’ entry.

– Get some tobacco and spread it in the room; this irritates mice, making them avoid the area.

– Do regular checks of the park for the presence of mice or rats.

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3. Dark areas

Pests will mostly hide in dark spots and also breed in them.  Your house basement and generator room can therefore be a great hiding spot for problems. How to control them:

  • Make regular checkups of these dark spots in your house for the presence of pests.
  • Ensure the dark spots are always clean and dry.
  • Seal any gaps or openings on the floor or wall.

4. Balcony

Spiders will mostly build their nets in balconies. You will find them on the walls, grill windows, shoe stands, cloth lines, or on the plants on the patio. Bites from spiders are very dangerous and can cause death. To avoid these spiders getting their entrance in your deck;

  • shred plants and trees close to your house balcony.
  • Dust your roofs regularly.
  • Avoid placing your shoe stands on the balcony.

5. Make Repairs

If your residence has any leakages, cracks, or openings, you must have them repaired before the winter season. It’s in this opening that pests will access your place. Repairs you can make:

  • Replace damaged, rusted, and leaking pipes.
  • Repair of leaking sinks and taps.
  • Fill in the cracks on your residence walls.

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6. Involve a professional

It’s rather challenging to deal with pests during winter. If you have tried exterminating pests from your household through DIY products and it does not work, call a professional expert. They are more experienced and have dealt with cases similar to yours before. Skilled experts will identify the best method to resolve the issue in the quickest way possible. Professional experts will then give you advice on how to avoid future pest infestation.

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