Cost To Book Virtual Magic Show In UK

How much does it cost to hire a magician? Usually, people don’t know how much a magician can cost for a magic show. Through this article, we will answer some of your questions like- how much does a magician cost?, what is the cost per hour for a magician in the UK?, the total cost to book a virtual magic show in the UK? Etc.

Most magicians don’t put prices on their website simply because it’s not possible to put a price list on because every event is different from others with so many variables like the location, date and time, length, etc. If you want to book a virtual online magic show and don’t know its costs, read the full article to know the answer.

Virtual Magic Show

Virtual Magic Show

Virtual magic shows are incredible kinds of magic shows for you and friends and colleagues during the special get together and team meetings. These are interactive, and mind-blowing online magic shows for team meetings, online festival celebrations, monthly meet-ups, award evenings, and private celebrations. The virtual magic shows are performed via video calls directly to your home. The magician Alan Hudson is also a member of  inner magic circle with gold star in London. The virtual magic show usually lasts for 30minutes but can be extended to 45 minutes if required.

In the show, guests will get their minds read, and you will see some mind-blowing crazy magics, in which you will get to take part. Plus, not to forget, everyone will get the best seat in the house! The show is all done virtually through Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, or WEBEx. You will get a unique experience from the world’s top magician. After all, it is magic so that it will be lots of fun.

The virtual show works straightforward. All you need is to have a laptop/PC or smartphone and Zoom or video calling apps(Microsoft teams, Google Meet, WebEx, Hopin, StarLeaf, etc.) and a brilliant virtual magician. You know the best part of the fun with magic and mind reading is seeing how others react. With the Zoom virtual magic show, you can watch your friends, colleagues, and family members interacting and responding to the magic. It is the best fun you can have on video calls.

Cost Of Virtual Magic Show

Cost of Virtual Magic Show

An excellent Zoom magician will charge different amounts based on the type of event. Such as a private event with a 30 minutes show will cost less than a corporate event that requires pre-meetings, a rehearsal, bespoke tricks, and much more. You can expect to pay from £350- £5000 depending on how many people are there, the date and the work involved. The payment can be made through a regular invoice for a bank or with an online link. You can choose the best option for you. Now that you know how much it costs to book a virtual magic show in the UK, what are you waiting for? Book one right now and have fun!

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