How big is the world Minecraft players Community

Minecraft, an online video game, having popularity across the world has gained a vast number of players base, but among all those players, there is a tiny group that keeps it up above the rest. Also, there is a debate to display, through one of the most popular activities, saying that which players are the best at their provided game.


Minecraft is following this trend, depicting the ranking challenges who are the best players in Minecraft now.

And by having a lot of different players, Minecraft players community is exhibiting how big it is. Now there are some top players of the community across the world whose whereabouts are the following:


At Minecraft, Technoblade lives in a high stair. Technoblate having a game whose IQ is at an elite level, and also has the mechanical skills for keeping the backup well. Also, Technoblade secured the good ranking pushing other players behind it.


When talking about the speed running, Illumina is at the top of that. Illumina has outstanding Minecraft skills, and also have records to prove it, raising Minecraft speed running titles in the Java category. Also, Illumina not only keeps its place in the rankings but always tries to improve it and to get better.

Furthermore, Illumina has a strong chance of dominating the Minecraft speed running leader boards for patch 1.17.


If talking in simple words, Dream is the premier Minecraft genius and resident professional of the game. No one can surpass his active knowledge of Minecraft. Dream cleverly utilizes game mechanics and snap decision making to his advantage. Such set of skills makes Dream to become a multi-time Minecraft record holder, and also to pull off stunts and challenges that average Minecraft player cannot complete in a quick interval of time.


As known primarily for his Minecraft music and parody video, CaptainSparklez is still regarded as the talented Minecraft player. CaptainSparklez is working as an old player of Minecraft since 2010 when his first you tube video came. It also featured in Minecraft: Story Mode, by having a voice and looked like a minor character.

But CaptainSparklez, with the time being, improved his skills to bring it back towards the elite level, where they existed once.


Getting started from humble beginnings of making beautiful builds inside Minecraft, Grains has paved his way into the PvP scene. While if looking at Grain, it goes on an incredible three streak, taking out others when it comes to Minecraft. In championships, Grain boasts an accuracy of nearly sixty per cent with his bows, and with some impressive kills to brag.


Fundy exhibits exceptional growth in his Minecraft abilities. Fundy skills in and out of combat are hard to ignore with him keeping above average in quite a few of the championships so far.

Final Thoughts

As a final comment, we can say that the community of Minecraft is very vast, placing it in the top position of online gaming. And you are you looking to learn more about Minecraft player and servers, you can visit SeekaHost Minecaft Server Tutorial

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