Annual Iftar Dinner
9:00 pm21:00

Annual Iftar Dinner

  • Haz Restaurant

Business Network, in collaboration with the British Bangladesh Chamber of Women Entrepreneurs (BBCWE), hosted the first Annual Iftar Dinner on 12th July 2014. The event took place at Haz Restaurant in the heart of the City of London, just a stone’s throw from Saint Paul’s Cathedral. The main aim of this event was to cement relations between the Bangladesh and the Turkish community under the auspices of Business Network, by illustrating the core values and initiatives that each association provides to their respective members.

With approximately 50 guests taking part to this event, the Annual Iftar Dinner brought a wide array of professionals together for a relaxing networking opportunity, unconstrained from excessive formality. Giorgio Buttironi (Editor-in-Chief of BN Magazine), made an introductory speech introducing the guests to the event and presenting the main representative from the BBCWE, who then took their respective time to thank everyone attending the dinner. The main speakers from the BBCWE were: Dilara Khan (Chief Executive Officer of the British Bangladesh Chamber of Women Entrepreneurs); Monojaha Polly Islam (Founder of Zarah’s); and Mumtaz Khan (Policy Advisor for Channel ATN Bangla UK).

During their respective speeches, representatives from Business Network and the BBCWE discussed the importance of business organisations in fostering economic and social links between Turkey, Bangladesh and the United Kingdom.

Ms Khan explained how “Business Network has been instrumental in fostering closer relations between our two organisations, and we should continue to organise other similar events in the future working together”.


Commercial Counsellors And Entrepreneurs Annual Outreach Forum
6:30 pm18:30

Commercial Counsellors And Entrepreneurs Annual Outreach Forum

On 12th May 2014, Business Network hosted the first Commercial Counsellors and Entrepreneurs Annual Outreach Forum, with the aim to illustrate business opportunities in emerging markets and foster business links between different countries. Representatives from more than forty states and regional representations attended this event, which included a conference followed by a networking opportunity in the amazing surroundings of Canary Wharf.

The conference began with an introductory speech by Lord David Evans, who sits in the House of Lords and has previously been a member of the Lords Small and Medium Sized Enterprise Committee from 2012 to 2013. Lord Evans introduced the three main speakers of the conference:

Mr Jun Arima (Director General of the Japan External Trade Association – JETRO).

Mr Christian Lopez (Director of the Trade Commission of Chile in the United Kingdom).

Mr Sam Adelemi (Minister-Head of the Trade and Investment Section at the Nigerian High Commission in London).

Each member of the panel took the time to illustrate the different investment opportunities that their respective countries have to offer. Successively, the floor was open for a question and answering session with members of the audience. During this time, commercial representatives from other parts of the globe had their opportunity to ask additional questions about investment opportunities in Japan, Chile, and Nigeria. The most common questions referred to specific sectors where investment is actively encouraged by these countries’ governments, as well as enquiries about the legal requirements and process needed to establish a company.

Once the conference ended, the event continued in the adjoining room with a networking session between members of the audience and the discussion panel. Business Network are proud to report that the event was a resounding success, with a variety of different countries actively taking part to the event such as Russia, Finland, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Latvia and many more. Representatives from regional authorities such as the Brussels Capital federal region were also present among the audience on that day.